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Bucket Challenge
Only in March Bucket Challenge

•Two teams of two (each co-ed), with each team taking a table, play the game.

•Players must be 21 yrs of age or older to play

•Each match will be a head-to-head team competition consisting of one 35 second round. The final round will be played as a best two out of three series.

•Teammates must stand across from each other at the same table.

•Players bounce tokens towards the basket in the center of the Bucket Table

• All shots must be bounced to count. Players may not bounce more that 4 tokens at once.

•Players may collect their rebounds and shoot them again, however, tokens that fly off the table may not be reused.

•At the end of 35 seconds, tokens are tallied.

•Tokens in the outer circle of the basket count as two points and tokens in the inner circle of the basket count as three points.

-Team with the most points – combination of two and three pointers – wins.

-Players may not reach into goal at any point or will be disqualified

-All Bud Light official decisions are final.

Winning teams will be invited to compete in the local finally April 6th, where you could win a trip to New York and chance to win 25,000